The NHS; A Lookback

The NHS was first founded in 1948, and is now one of the worlds biggest employers. As the UK’s largest employer with 1.5 million employees across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island. That’s a lot of people working everyday to keep us safe! The NHS treats a whopping 1 million patients every 36 hours, and on average the NHS spends £2200 on a patient each year. Having this service is something we should never take for granted!

So lets celebrate our amazing NHS!

We turned our focus to highlighting some of the amazing work that the staff and volunteers of the NHS have been doing, not just during the testing time of a global pandemic, but all the time. Celebrating individual members, through their work, commitment and positivity through these incredibly challenging times!

NHS Staff Stories

Natasha has been focusing on feeling gratitude for the support system around her!

Bridget has been focusing on the small positives in every day to help her.

Victoria found a new appreciation for being able to spend time with loved ones!

Community Kindness!

We loved seeing the ways people are coming together to use their skills and talents to celebrate and say THANKYOU to the NHS. We shared amazing artwork from Megan Hillis, who used her artistic design skills to create digital portraits on her ipad, to gift to NHS workers as her way of saying thankyou!

It has been incredible to see communities coming together, we clapped for carers on our doorsteps every Thursday, and celebrated individual acts of kindness of showing support to key workers. From great artwork, cards and presents to support loved ones, families staying apart to protect each other, and rainbows appearing in and around our neighbourhoods. Its been great to see everyone finding moments of positivity and sharing kindness and compassion within their communities.

We Support Each Other

As a way to show our support to this amazing cause, this week at The Studio we raised money with our Support Each Other T-Shirts, with all proceeds being donated to the NHS Manchester. We loved seeing our community coming together to show their support!

Here’s a look back at some of our fantastic community in their Support Each Other T-shirts!

Get your NHS Support Each Other T-Shirt

Theres still chance to show your support and bag yourself one of these amazing tshirts! All proceeds donated to NHS Manchester, and as a thankyou we will give you 2 class passes on us!

We Support Each Other!

You can purchase your tshirt using the link below!


You can read more about our Support Each Other T-Shirt campaign here!

Big thankyou to all the key workers and our communities support through this time!