Were you already a seasoned runner before lockdown? Or like many of us, have you started running just to get in that daily exercise? Want to earn that glass of wine at the end of a self isolated day? No judgement here, who cares about your motivation to get going, we all have to start somewhere!

We asked, you answered, turns out 44% of you have added a run into your daily routine! But do you need a little motivation or a helping hand to get you started? Or perhaps you need something to push your running to the next level. Check out these 5 apps we recommend to keep you and your running on track.

Nike Run Club

Your perfect running partner! (as described by Nike). This app is great for all levels. New to running? Pop your headphones in and do a guided run with professional coaches and athletes. Someone to check in on you, keep you motivated and tell you you’re doing okay! We like the sound of that. View details of your running time, pace, calories burned and even your heart rate. Also celebrate each achievement as you gain trophies and badges for each milestone you reach. You can also sync it with your Spotify playlist so you can run to your favourite hits.

Download the app HERE


Need a new route? Download the Strava app to access the worlds largest trail network. You’ll never be stuck for a place to run again! If your looking for an extra challenge, compete against others around the globe and complete monthly challenges. You can check on your performance compared against others to give you that extra bit of motivation to up your game next time. Plus, this app is not just for running. From swimming, to climbing, to cross fit and even yoga! You can track it all.

Download the app HERE

Couch to 5k

We asked you answered! 93% of you said you preferred just a casual run round the block to intense marathon training. So this one could be for you. An easy to follow programme, perfect if you are completely new to running! Follow along with a flexible programme that you can complete in 9 weeks (or longer options available). Want to know when it’s going to be over? This app has a handy timer to let you know how long left you have to run, and a half time bell to tell you when its time to start heading back. The app features 5 trainers to choose from as your coach including Olympians, comedians and TV presenters!

Sound good? Download the app HERE

StepsApp Pedometer

Less worried about running and more about just getting the steps in? We asked, you answered. 75% of you said you prefer to just keep it slow and steady, so why not have a look at StepsApp Pedometer. One of the top rated step counter apps out there. It provides an automatic step count displayed with charts and graphs so you can check in what you’re doing and when. It shows a quick overview of daily steps, distance, time, floors climbed and calories burned. You can even set a daily target to make sure you reach your set step goal!

Ready to get the steps in? Download the app HERE

Zombies, Run

Still struggle to find your motivation when you run? Well this should help. Run like your life depends on it, literally. This app is an immersive audio adventure where every run becomes a mission. You aren’t just running for the sake of it, you are running to save lives, get supplies and build a safe place. You get to be the hero every time you tie up your shoelaces. A bit of fun, this should get you moving.

Ready for the game? Download the app HERE

Got anymore recommendations? Let us know!

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