Phones get a lot of stick these days for being a distraction. Keeping us out of the present moment, we constantly absorb information and view our lives through filters. BUT we can also use these devices to our advantage..

If we know how to use them!

They can help us to create more mindful habits. Keep us organised, find things to inspire us and help us to reach our goals. We are part of a generation who has access to the world at our finger tips. If we download the right apps and spend less time scrolling through Instagram, our phones can support us with our personal growth and help us lead more productive lives.

Do you make time to meditate?

If you havent heard of Insight Timer, this is an app we recommend you get on board with! Building a meditation practice in to your daily routine can be super beneficial to your mind and your health. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to fit it into your day, but one thing you probably have with you at all times is your phone, so when you have a moment spare time, why not fill it with an act of mindfullness.

Insight Timer has a meditation for EVERYTHING! And its FREE!
Whether you want to calm the mind, focus on breathing, let go, listen to affirmations, work on manifesting something, cultivate love and compassion, heal from trauma, or get a better nights sleep, theres a meditation for it. If your a little daunted and dont know where to start with meditation, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite meditations. You can tap the title or name into the search bar and you’ll be ready to go. We cant wait to hear your favourites!

For when you need a boost:
Uplifting law of attraction & self confidence affirmations – Christian Thomas

Did you know listening to positive affirmations daily can actually help to rewire your brain to think more positively? Remember a belief is just a thought repeated over and over. If you struggle with negative self talk and need a little help to boost that positive mentality, affirmations are an easy way to do that. Its great to listen to affirmations first thing in the morning to set you up for the day ahead. You can play them in the car on your commute to work. Or listening to them before you go to sleep at night, even if you fall asleep, they will be sinking into your subconscious mind without you even knowing. Choose one affirmation that resonates with you, that and repeat it to yourself throughout the day.

What affirmation do you need?

For when you feel lost:
Learning to surrender – Sarah Blondin

As humans we try so hard to control everything. We run ourselves down and worry about things that are beyond our control. We fight to get our own way and force things to work out in our favour, forgetting sometimes what we want isnt always what we need.

This meditation reminds us to trust in ourselves and the universe. A great one to listen to if you are struggling with direction, or if you are caught up in a situation and its outcome. This meditation reminds us to surrender. To not give up trying or lessen our effort, but to relinquish our control over the outcome. It also reminds us to accept and allow our emotions to just be as they are.

For when you want a good nights sleep:
Sleep meditation – awaken to a clean slate – Bethany Auriel-Hagen

If you find it hard to switch off at night and your minds still replaying the days activites, it could help to try this sleep meditation. Falling asleep to a meditation might sound counter productive but it actually allows the words to enter your subconscious mind, so even if you think its not having an effect on you, it is! This meditation encourages us to release and let go of anything we are still holding on to throughout the day. That we have done our best, and to help us wake up feeling rested and renewed. Sleep is a powerful tool to maintain the balance of our mood, so prioritsing a good nights sleep is important to set you up for a positive day ahead!

For when you are ready to meet the ONE:
Manifest your partner and improve your relationship – Pura Rasa

With Valentines Day just around the corner, our attention turns to our love lives. If you are looking to meet the right person but just havent found them yet, or if you want to improve a relationship you already have, this ones for you!

The law of attraction is a powerful thing, this meditation encourages us to get clear on what we want in a partner and a relationship, and by putting it out into the universe we can work on manifesting it into our lives. It helps us to realise we cant love others until we learn to first love ourselves and that should always be our main priority!

For when you need to let go:
Accepting and letting go – Andy Hobson

Letting go of past trauma or heartache can be super difficult, we often hold on to our pain because its a part of our identity and it makes us who we are. Through letting go, we can create space for new opportunities and people to enter our lives. This meditation encourages us to accept our present, let go of our past and create space for our future. At any moment in your day you find your thoughts drifting into past memories, listen to this meditation and let it bring you back into the now. Helping you to feel more peaceful and understanding with yourself and others.

You can dowload the App HERE
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Happy meditating!
Let us know some of your favourites!