Improve leg strength, without any equipment!

Our leg muscles are our foundation for so much of our movement. The lower body muscles are some of the largest muscle groups in the body. Having strong legs and glutes helps to increase our overall body fitness and health. Stronger legs means higher endurance in lower body dominated sports. It helps to improve your ability to push, lift and be flexible!

Exercises that include leg workouts help to maintain bone density, and can also reduce your risk of leg injuries. Engaging and strengthening the hamstrings and quads can help to protect the knees from injury.  Including leg workouts in your daily routine can also help to improve core fitness with hamstring stretches, hip flexions and glute engagement.

Did you know? Having weak glutes can be a cause of lower back pain!

You won’t want to skip leg day again with this body weight workout with Corrine! This tutorial of lower body strengthening exercises requires NO equipment. Building leg strength through the use of body weight and challenging balances in just 10 minutes!

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Feeling tired? Revive tired muscles with these stretches to release and restore. And don’t forget to replenish protein stores with a post workout smoothie!