What is a moment of beauty? They are those small joys in life that have the power to stop you in your tracks, even if just for a moment. To make you smile, to appreciate, to breathe, to enjoy. This is a moment of beauty. From the simple to the serene, the majestic to the mundane, the comfort to the chaos. Beauty can be found in anything, if you know where to look.

Introducing Gemma

Gemma is our Studio photographer, you may of seen her behind the scenes snapping pictures at events and photographing our wonderful yogi’s! When she first picked up a camera, Gemma had no idea what she was doing, but with a desire to get better it soon became her passion and career. Her thoughts on taking photo’s? ‘Photography is an art form, and I just love the fact you can always learn something new, you can always improve your skills. Just by practicing, its really that easy. If you love what you do, it will always shine out of your work.’

Below Gemma gives us her top tips for capturing the perfect photo, and shares her favourite moment of beauty capture!

The story behind the photo..

“This photo was taken on a solo trip to Cornwall, it was a difficult time in my life and I just wanted a few days to get away from it all. This trip was life changing for me, and on the last evening I was treated to the most amazing sunset I have ever seen. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for life, and knew everything would be okay from that moment on. Mother Nature is amazing!”

“This photo was actually taken on my iPhone, so you don’t necessarily need a fancy camera to take good photo’s. I love this photo because whenever I look back at it, I feel safe and protected.”

Gemma’s top tips for capturing the moment

1. Have patience.

The best shots are always natural photos, and of course these moments take time. You can’t rush perfection!

2. Find your light

The hour before and after a sunset or sunrise (golden hour!) are so beautiful. Take advantage of the natural colour pallets.

3. Use live mode

Using live mode when taking photos on a phone allows you to capture faster moving objects. Taking photos of children or pets, you can chose your favourite frame and eliminate any movement blur.

4. Take advantage of free resources

Do some self study. See what information you can find using free resources online or from a library. YouTube is amazing for tips and tutorials for budding photographers in the making!

5. Beauty is EVERYWHERE

There is beauty all around us, even in the most seemingly mundane objects around your home. Look around your home with fresh perspective and a focused lens and see what you can find. The morning dew on a leaf in your garden, a home cooked meal or a freshly baked banana bread.

Get creative! We love to see your photos!

Share them with us by tagging @thestudiocheshire or @thestudio_mcr and use the hashtag #momentsofbeauty

You can follow Gemma’s Photography journey on Instagram at @gemlouphotography

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