We did a quick Question and Answer with Chris, our Gong Spa host to find out everything you need to know! Always wanted to try it, but not sure what Sound Therapy is and what it does? Chris shares all the facts here..

Q: What is the history behind this sound therapy thing?  Is it a fad?  

Using sound to help alleviate or alter conditions in the body or mind is nothing new.  Cultures from across the world have worked with a range of instruments to generate sound with the intention of healing ailments, releasing tension and manage/release undesirable emotions such as fear and anger.  Some of the oldest history relating to specifically healing with sound dates back to Ancient Greece, where Pythagoras was said to have sound and music to calm and relax.  

Many communities around the world have historically embraced sound as part of their lifestyles for similar reasons – in some cases for thousands of years.  For instance, Buddhist monks in places such as Tibet and Nepal have historically used singing bowls and gongs to assist with meditation.  In a similar way, yogis such as Yogi Bhajan are proponents of working with gongs to heal and transform, in some cases as a major component of Kundalini yoga.  To provide contrast, many indigenous cultures such as the Australian aborigines with their distinctive didgeridoo, have long recognised the immense power of sound for healing.  Shamans in a broad variety of cultures worldwide work with drums as an avenue to healing and transformation.  

Sound has an ability to entrain or otherwise alter the frequencies of the mind and body.  In doing this, a variety of positive effects can be tapped into.  Read on to find out more!

Q: How could sound make a difference for me?  

Many do not find straight up meditation accessible, or something that is easy to achieve.  The benefits of meditative practices are far and wide – and beyond the scope of this post.  What I can assure you of though, is that spending time in a sound bath will be a far easier meditation experience, as the combination of powerful, soothing and introspective sounds bring you truly into the present – and guide you into a blissful relaxing state.  

When we are truly relaxed and in the present, we are unable to be running patterns of fear, worry, anxiety and stress.  All of these states do not have a positive effect on the body; quite the opposite in fact.  The good news is, they cannot co-exist with a state of calm – and total presence.  By embracing the sound as it works with you and your breath, to guide you into a very relaxed and serene state, you spend that time completely free of those less desirable states you could be drawn into – especially given the global crisis that the world finds itself in.  

One of the most prominent types of feedback I get from clients after I’ve done a sound bath is that they sleep incredibly!  This is again due to the way sound aids meditation and draws you seamlessly into the present moment, creating a pathway to wonderful restful sleep.  This is in part why we choose to do sound sessions on a Sunday evening, to help you rest and rejuvenate prior to the week ahead.  

Q: How do sound and energy go together?  

In various yoga disciplines, we often talk about generating positive energy and releasing trapped/negative energy.  These principles very much align with sound therapy – it is simply another complimentary way to work with our energetic system.  Sound is of course just a different form of energy that has the ability to dance with the energies that we understand from yoga.  

As humans, we are energetic beings.  Our minds, our emotions and our actions are all expressions of energy.  Over time, persistent thoughts and beliefs (our conditioning, our world view) become rooted in our unconscious emotional/energy bodies, like grooves carved into wood.  This plays out in our day to day lives, influences our experiences, behaviours, more thoughts and of course – emotional states.  This may or may not be positive.    

If this conditioning, these beliefs, are not beneficial to us – they may not support us in striving to live the lives that we desire.  They may hold us back, trap us in fear or worry, perhaps even preventing us truly loving ourselves and therefore, others.  The good news is, sound therapy can help here. This help takes place at a deep energetic level, which is helpful in not requiring us to revisit past memories or traumas to “do the work” and release.   

The powerful waves of sound that emanate from instruments such as singing bowls, chimes and gongs have the ability to harmonise any inharmonious energies that may exist in the body and body mind.  In doing this, the stuck energy that underpins the wounds, disempowering beliefs and negative emotions can be stirred and in time, released.  This is especially true when you combine sound work with other practices such as yoga as part of your lifestyle.  All are very much complementary in cleansing, balancing and releasing.    

We hope the above questions gave you some more insight into sound therapy!  Check out our previous blogs to see our top tips on how to prepare and make the most out of the session.

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