Have you picked up a new hobby during lockdown? Are you an avid runner, enjoying extra HIIT classes, or doing home gym sessions? While we’ve been enjoying our home workouts and finding new ways to keep fit and stay healthy through lockdown, our bodies might not feel the same. Chances are you might be feeling a bit more muscle stiffness, soreness or finding yourself with a few niggling injuries. If this is you..

We have the perfect recovery solution to benefit your training! Our new class;

Stretch Therapy with Corrine!

Join us every Sunday at 10am!

Whatever your favourite type of training, whether its using home weights, running in your local park or cycling, it’s important to remember to stretch your body! This class will help you to unwind and release built up areas of muscle tension. The class will be slow paced with longer held static stretches, perfect for beginners or anyone recovering from injury!

How does stretch benefit my training?

Reduces muscle tension getting you back to your best for your next session

Helps increase range of motion within the joints improving your mobility and performance

Reduce risk of muscle strain.

Stretching after exercise lowers heart rate and breathing, returning the body to a calmer resting state.

New to Yoga?

If you’re not a fitness fanatic but interested in starting Yoga, this class is perfect for beginners! A slow paced class giving you time to get used to different yoga postures and stretches from the comfort of your own home.

Meet Corrine!

Corrine says..

“Yoga is the oldest form of muscle tension management. If like me you train in a range of different activities and the natural outcome causes tight or stiff muscles or if you just suffer aches and pains from normal daily activities… this is for you.
This class will take a slower approach to a vinyasa flow, still working on the core sequencing, as they were already  built with these outcomes in mind, but I’ll be focusing in on what I think are the best postures for targeting common locations of tension as well as strengthening important areas like your core and improving balance and stability.
This class will suit beginners, athletes, avid gym goers (or active trainers) or anyone that wants to release any tight spots in the body.”

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