‘One small thought of positivity in the morning can change your whole day.’

Its Part three of our Studio Positivity Series, and we hope you are finding some valuable tips to keep you motivated and feeling good. Need a boost in finding your fitness flow? This week Natalia talks us through how she has been staying on top of her fitness routine during lockdown. So if you need a little help getting started or getting back on track, read on!

Staying Active and Productive with Natalia!

1. Set a dedicated time to exercise and STICK TO IT!

Setting a time to workout will help add some routine into your day, keeping your day structured. Plus you get that sense of achievement when you tick off your daily exercise on your to do list!

2. Write down your workout

Note down how may sets, how many reps. how many miles, how long you will practice. Anything that will hold you accountable for what you are doing. Don’t let yourself down!

3. Get outdoors

Exercising outside can aid us in clearing our minds and help us to feel calmer. Whether its going for a leisurely walk or a quick jog, get your daily dose of nature and box off your exercise for the day in one!

4. Be consistent with your training and routine

Being consistent will help you to stay motivated and see results! It can be all too easy to think it wont matter if I skip today, but everyday you consistently make it a part of your routine, the more it becomes a habit and the easier it becomes.

5. Eat a balanced diet, stay healthy but treat yourself

They do say abs are made in the kitchen, but life is all about balance. Especially through these difficult times, don’t deprive yourself of foods that make you feel good! Mental wellbeing is as important as physical wellbeing. So eat your fruit and veg, but if you want that chocolate cheesecake for dessert, why not..!

Need a bit more inspiration?

Head to our YouTube channel below and follow along with Natalia’s energising Power flow sequence!

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