Staying motivated and productive is so much harder throughout the winter months right?  Especially when you live in a place that doesn’t see much sun, its cold and its raining 90% of the time.  I think a lot of people put unnecessary pressure on themselves because they think they need to keep up the same level of activity month in month out, and its easy to have guilty thoughts when you’re not ‘doing’, especially in winter as your energy is low, motivation disappears and the want to just snuggle up in pyjamas and a blanket overcomes the need for everything else. 

Most people will say you should be striving and pushing yourself all year round as that is how success is created. If that works for you then great, really. All this doing and achieving and careers and buying is all created by us, but just being on this earth and existing is what we were first put here to do.  We should try to focus on the way our bodies and minds peak and slow at certain times of the year and work with how we are feeling, rather than against it. Finding the balance between flowing with life and our moods and keeping on track towards goals even if we are only making small steps.  Finding things we can do to stay productive towards achieving our goals while also not being too hard on ourselves.

“Nothing in nature blooms all year.”

When your a bit stuck and lacking purpose –  Sit down and get clear on your goals and intentions!

This is important so you can prioritise what needs doing and what doesn’t, and where your energy should be going.  What do you actually want.  How do you want to spend your time? What kind of life do you want to live? Its better to have it written down as you can physically see it and remind yourself when you come off track.  Its easy to get overwhelmed looking at too much at once, but look at the daily steps you can make to stay on track, no matter how big or small.  If your goal is to learn a new skill, how can you get into it, is there a class you can take once a week? Is there time for you to practice?  Is there a website you can learn more about it? Or maybe its to travel to a new place, are you working enough to save money to go? Have you made a list of the things you want to see, places you want to go? Or a goal to eat healthier, build good habits, move out, start a business.  Whatever the main goal is, keep it in mind and think of the things you actually WANT in your life and allocating the time to fit them in.

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When you know you need/should be doing something but motivation is low  – Compromise!

This is a common one we struggle with, who wants to go the gym when its cold and raining outside when we can just not go and stay in our pyjamas instead?  Some days we wake up and can be bursting with motivation to go workout and that’s great.  Other days not so much, so how can we still stay true to our goals and intentions without making ourselves unhappy.  There is no point going to do something if you’re not going to enjoy it, will waste time complaining about it and only do a half ass job.  So the key here is COMPROMISE.  Think how can we still make this day productive if we cant make it out.  So for an example, missing the gym, but maybe creating a home workout instead.  How can you still make some kind of productive step forward today?

When you want to pursue a new skill/hobby/activity but you have no one to do it with – Do it yourself!

So everyone’s back at work, and used there holidays, most people have similar work schedules, maybe a 9-5 job on the day to day with weekends off.  But if your days and weeks are scattered with days off and different hours, changing shifts, and alternate part time jobs, then its easy to feel like you may as well be working, because all of your friends are. And a bit trapped into feeling like you cant do anything or go anywhere because there’s no one to do it with. When was the last time you tried something new?  And even better when was the last time you experienced something new by yourself?  Its a whole different ball game.  And I think its so important to have hobbies,  as nice as it is to sit and watch tv or read, how about learning a hobby that is a skill?  Something useful that can help you grow as a person, an extra/skill or talent to add on to your CV,  something that will benefit your health and wellbeing.  Meet new people and learn new things.  Its good to find something you enjoy that motivates you to improve at and is useful to have, working on it through the winter months can give you a boost through till summer.  Its good to spend time with yourself.

When you want to eat the nice, healthy food but cant afford to keep eating out – Learn to make it yourself!

Moneys still a bit low after spending big over the holiday season, and then January sales, and then someone had a birthday, and valentines.  So a good way to save money is taking the foods you love to spend money on eating out, and learning to make them for yourself!  Breakfast is the best meal of the day to eat out for, pancakes, waffles, fruit bowls and coffee, what is not to love? One of my favourite things to use is Pinterest  for recipes, so find something new and easy, and prioritise the time to make it.

When you really just don’t have the energy to face life today – Rest and Rejuvenate

You’ve tried, but today is just a bad day.  Work sucked/your depression has kicked in again/a negative event has happened/you have no money/the weathers abysmal on your day off.  Whatever it is sometimes its just time to take a step back and disconnect from anything other than being at peace with yourself and in the moment.  I think its so important to really let yourself have that down time.  Cuddling up in a blanket, running a hot bath, treating yourself to something nice, sitting and reading a book with a coffee, or meeting with friends and going out.  This time of year is draining, and the lack of sunlight contributes to a lot of people just feeling pretty grim.  Colds and flu thrive and its easy to feel under the weather because we are literally trapped under the weather.  So try and prioritise making those little moments happen for yourself where you can just let out a sigh of relief and sign out from the day even if its only for a couple of moments.