Do you struggle with tight hips and hamstrings? Then this ones for you! Corrine is back with a new tutorial for gentle stretches you can do to help mobilise the lower body and increase range of movement.

What’s your goal? Full splits? Relieve lower back pain? Better mobility for running? Our legs are our biggest support, they quite literally allow us to stand on our own two feet. Whatever your fitness goal, giving some extra loving care to your lower body will help you to keep it moving!

The hips are home to stored tension and emotion which can contribute to lower back pain and energy blockages and lactic acid can build up here causing stiffness and aches. Stretching these key muscle groups provides a release both physically and mentally.

What’s your fitness goal you are working towards? Let us know in the comments below!

Looking for more stretches to help you on your fitness journey? Try this tutorial perfect for between your workout days.