We are loving seeing our Studio FIITFlow community growing and thriving! You’ve been telling us what you love and how FIITFlow has been benefiting you through lockdown! But if you are still wondering if this class is for you then check out some of the feedback from our community to inspire you to start your FIITFlow journey!

Tried. Tested. Loved. Shared!

Meet Ivane, a FIITFlow fanatic, Personal Trainer and Yoga teacher. Ivane gives us the lowdown on why she’s loving FIITflow and how it benefits her lifestyle and way of training!

Our FIITFLOW class is designed to make you feel GOOD! Even if you have limited time this combination class of HIIT and Yoga gets your workout done in one! High energy dynamic exercises combined with slower soothing stretches. But don’t take our word for it, here’s how our community have been getting on..

FIITFlow Feedback from the Community!

We love to hear from you! Here’s some more feedback from our community about what they are loving about FIITFlow!

I absolutely loved the energy, the music and the burn. It was quite an intense one, but felt very content and light after the session. It was the best way to start my Saturday, so I can only thank you.
– Claudia Mesesan

I loved this class and think this concept is a perfect combination. I am definitely interested in joining in further classes.
– Julie Stamper 

The class was great! I love the combination of HIT and yoga on a weekend. Corrine is a fantastic teacher, very energetic and motivating.
– Suzanne Helena

Really enjoyed the class, the HIIT element is similar to my current work out but was still a challenge to complete. Love the concept of half yoga as I have not done much yoga before, enjoyed it. I thought the session was demonstrated really well and felt that there was no pressure and a was delivered in a professional and friendly manner.
– Dawn

I must say that the Fit Flow session is a great spike to throw in, say once a week. I am very happy to join in this half HIIT class half yoga class!
– David Dias 

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