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Raise your vibration! Join us this Sunday 28th June at 8pm for a community Gong Bath ON US! This will be a live class through Zoom! Tap the link below to book on, or read more to find out all about the benefits of a Gong Bath and our top tips on getting set up!


What is a Gong Bath?

A Gong Bath is a form of sound therapy where gongs are played in a therapeutic way to cultivate a relaxed state. It is called a bath because you are bathed in the sounds and vibrations. Everything vibrates at its own frequency, these frequencies can be altered causing our moods to be energised and lifted.

Introducing Chris! (aka “Indefinable”)

“Hi guys, I’m Chris and am super excited to lead The Studio community with a gong spa this Sunday!  I’m a lover of all things yoga, meditation, qi gong, music, personal growth, nature/adventure and  travel of many forms!  Of late, I’ve started to explore new ways of working with sound , along with a completely different set of intentions.  I now bring a range of powerful, healing and transformative sound to the table in the current form of gong spas, sound baths and guided meditations.”

How will it help me?

Reduces internal dialogue and helps to silence the mind into a meditative state. Perfect if you’ve been feeling stressed or anxious during lockdown.

Creates a state of relaxation and releases tension from the body, an amazing way to end your week and revive you for the week ahead.

Help clear emotional and energetic blockages.

Help to promote a good night sleep, making you feel refreshed and restored

What can I expect from a Gong Spa?

My gong spas / sound baths align with my alias – indefinable.  Words are not really needed (or sufficient) as it really is all about the magic of sound energy and how it will effortlessly take you on a journey elsewhere.  To a place where time and space blur and where healing really can and does take place, of whatever form is relevant for you.  I work with a pair of gongs, a growing set of crystal quartz and other-worldly alchemy singing bowls.  The latter are infused with precious crystals, elements and metals to really take the energy carried by the sound up a number of levels. I also incorporate my hand pans as well as other mystical instruments, all of which come together to create an hour of blissful relaxation, healing and/or if you prefer, exploration of the deeper states of mind. 

If you haven’t experienced a sound bath yet – be sure to check this Sunday out.  If nothing else you will sleep well afterward! We’ll start with a short guided breath practice to get into the present moment, just to aid your initial relaxation before we begin.  This will be nothing advanced and if you’ve practiced yoga at The Studio (or online) with any of our amazing teachers , you’ll definitely be well prepared for what’s to come.

Our top tips for getting set up!

We suggest considering the following tips to maximise the experience and allow yourself to really sink into a space of peace and tranquility.

  1. Block the hour out for yourself and anyone attending with you.  Be present, relax.
  2. Ensure you have either headphones or a good speaker / surround system, the sound travels well thanks to the recording setup but phone / laptop speakers definitely have their limits!
  3. Put your phone on do not disturb or flight mode.  
  4. Have a comfortable place to sit or better still, lie down.  Blankets and pillows / bolsters are good.  Close your eyes.
  5. Candles / incense are also great additions to set the mood in your space.

We look forward to sharing this hour with you on Sunday and we hope you’ll take something from it.  

How do I join in?

All you need to do is click the link below to book your spot!


If you have any questions or feedback you can find Chris on Instagram at @i_am_indefinable

Have you experienced a Gong Bath? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

The Studio YouTube


Your home for all things health and wellness!

Our Studio YouTube Channel is a home for inspiring our community to invest in themselves and their health! Offering inspiration to promote a healthy lifestyle through Yoga, Fitness, Health & Wellbeing.

You can find everything from home workouts, yoga flows, mindful meditations and healthy recipes to help you live a healthy, happy life. The journey to becoming the best version of you starts HERE!

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Getting Started

Make yourself at home! To make it super easy we have created three playlists to help you find exactly what you are looking for. New to The Studio YouTube and want to get a feel of what The Studio is all about?

Check out a glimpse of what we have to offer here;

New to The Studio? Welcome! Start here..

The Studio Online

This is where you can find all your online yoga flows! From quick morning sessions to kick start your day, to tutorials to hone in on your yoga skills, to relaxing stretches to rest and restore before bed. These are flows you can do anytime, anywhere. There is something for everyone, no matter your experience or lifestyle!

Can’t wait to get started? Tap the image below to go straight to one of our favourite feel good flows!

Fitness & Sports

Looking for something to push your training to the next level? This playlist is home to your training tool kit. Videos to help you stay on top of your game, no matter what sport you train in! Stretches to speed up recovery, the perfect post workout smoothie, and workout inspiration to get you motivated!

Perfect if you’re looking to start your fitness journey and need some guidance and inspiration, or if you are a fitness fanatic looking for ways to help maximise your training performance and get the most out of your workout.

Dive right in with this full body workout tutorial you can fit in to your daily routine!

Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle

Your hub for all things health, wellness and lifestyle. Our Studio ethos is to create a space to grow, and it all starts from within! A healthy mind helps support a healthy body. So here you can find nutritious and healthy recipes to fuel your body, meditations to help cultivate peace and clarity into a busy schedule, and helpful tips and tricks to live happier!

It all starts with you! Start your day the right way with this energy boosting breakfast! A step by step video tutorial with all the recipe details, tap below to find more!

How can you get involved?

We love to hear from you! Don’t forget you can like and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with the latest videos! Drop us a comment and let us know which tutorial is your favourite, and head to the discussions board to leave us some feedback, we would love to know what you think!

What else would you love to see on our YouTube Channel? Let us know in the comments below!


What are you doing this Wednesday? Clear your schedule you won’t want to miss this! Our incredible Studio instructor CJ is bringing a brand new class to our timetable every Wednesday 7 – 8pm!

Find your perfect balance of Yin and Yang!

Ready to book now? Tap the image below to save your space.

What is Yin Yang Yoga?

Did you know?

Yin and Yang are the Taoist concepts which describe the two relative qualities present in everything. Yin is more internal, cooling and encourages a lower phase of energy. While Yang is more external, dynamic, warming and increases energy.

Life is about balance, and so is our yoga practice! CJ will start the class by guiding you through slow and restorative postures to ground the mind and body, becoming connected with the breath and the present moment. Warming up the body with lengthening stretches, before moving into dynamic strengthening and balancing postures. Build strength and integrity while being mindful.

Want to join CJ on the mat?


Looking for a workout you can do now? Challenge yourself with this Full Body workout to strengthen and tone!

The NHS; A Lookback

The NHS was first founded in 1948, and is now one of the worlds biggest employers. As the UK’s largest employer with 1.5 million employees across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island. That’s a lot of people working everyday to keep us safe! The NHS treats a whopping 1 million patients every 36 hours, and on average the NHS spends £2200 on a patient each year. Having this service is something we should never take for granted!

So lets celebrate our amazing NHS!

We turned our focus to highlighting some of the amazing work that the staff and volunteers of the NHS have been doing, not just during the testing time of a global pandemic, but all the time. Celebrating individual members, through their work, commitment and positivity through these incredibly challenging times!

NHS Staff Stories

Natasha has been focusing on feeling gratitude for the support system around her!

Bridget has been focusing on the small positives in every day to help her.

Victoria found a new appreciation for being able to spend time with loved ones!

Community Kindness!

We loved seeing the ways people are coming together to use their skills and talents to celebrate and say THANKYOU to the NHS. We shared amazing artwork from Megan Hillis, who used her artistic design skills to create digital portraits on her ipad, to gift to NHS workers as her way of saying thankyou!

It has been incredible to see communities coming together, we clapped for carers on our doorsteps every Thursday, and celebrated individual acts of kindness of showing support to key workers. From great artwork, cards and presents to support loved ones, families staying apart to protect each other, and rainbows appearing in and around our neighbourhoods. Its been great to see everyone finding moments of positivity and sharing kindness and compassion within their communities.

We Support Each Other

As a way to show our support to this amazing cause, this week at The Studio we raised money with our Support Each Other T-Shirts, with all proceeds being donated to the NHS Manchester. We loved seeing our community coming together to show their support!

Here’s a look back at some of our fantastic community in their Support Each Other T-shirts!

Get your NHS Support Each Other T-Shirt

Theres still chance to show your support and bag yourself one of these amazing tshirts! All proceeds donated to NHS Manchester, and as a thankyou we will give you 2 class passes on us!

We Support Each Other!

You can purchase your tshirt using the link below!


You can read more about our Support Each Other T-Shirt campaign here!

Big thankyou to all the key workers and our communities support through this time!

We are celebrating our amazing NHS!

We have been inspired by the continuous hard work put in by our incredible NHS not just during these challenging times, but all the time! We just wanted to be able to say THANKYOU. And we want to do what we can to show how much we appreciate our NHS!

Our NHS Support Each Other tops are now on sale and we will be donating all proceeds raised to the NHS Manchester!


By purchasing one of these t-shirts for £15, your money will be donated to this amazing cause, and to show you much we appreciate you too, we will be gifting you two class passes on us to use on any of our classes.

We support each other!

Check out some of our community members showing their support!

Want to show your support? You can purchase your NHS T-Shirt by tapping the image below!

Want to know how we’ve been celebrating our NHS? Find out more here!

Want to visit our Online Schedule and see what classes we offer?

We are loving seeing our Studio FIITFlow community growing and thriving! You’ve been telling us what you love and how FIITFlow has been benefiting you through lockdown! But if you are still wondering if this class is for you then check out some of the feedback from our community to inspire you to start your FIITFlow journey!

Tried. Tested. Loved. Shared!

Meet Ivane, a FIITFlow fanatic, Personal Trainer and Yoga teacher. Ivane gives us the lowdown on why she’s loving FIITflow and how it benefits her lifestyle and way of training!

Our FIITFLOW class is designed to make you feel GOOD! Even if you have limited time this combination class of HIIT and Yoga gets your workout done in one! High energy dynamic exercises combined with slower soothing stretches. But don’t take our word for it, here’s how our community have been getting on..

FIITFlow Feedback from the Community!

We love to hear from you! Here’s some more feedback from our community about what they are loving about FIITFlow!

I absolutely loved the energy, the music and the burn. It was quite an intense one, but felt very content and light after the session. It was the best way to start my Saturday, so I can only thank you.
– Claudia Mesesan

I loved this class and think this concept is a perfect combination. I am definitely interested in joining in further classes.
– Julie Stamper 

The class was great! I love the combination of HIT and yoga on a weekend. Corrine is a fantastic teacher, very energetic and motivating.
– Suzanne Helena

Really enjoyed the class, the HIIT element is similar to my current work out but was still a challenge to complete. Love the concept of half yoga as I have not done much yoga before, enjoyed it. I thought the session was demonstrated really well and felt that there was no pressure and a was delivered in a professional and friendly manner.
– Dawn

I must say that the Fit Flow session is a great spike to throw in, say once a week. I am very happy to join in this half HIIT class half yoga class!
– David Dias 

We love to hear from you! Have you enjoyed one of our FIITFlow classes? Let us know in the comments below!

Ready to book on?

Want to learn more?

Want to know more about HIIT training?

Sound Therapy 101


We did a quick Question and Answer with Chris, our Gong Spa host to find out everything you need to know! Always wanted to try it, but not sure what Sound Therapy is and what it does? Chris shares all the facts here..

Q: What is the history behind this sound therapy thing?  Is it a fad?  

Using sound to help alleviate or alter conditions in the body or mind is nothing new.  Cultures from across the world have worked with a range of instruments to generate sound with the intention of healing ailments, releasing tension and manage/release undesirable emotions such as fear and anger.  Some of the oldest history relating to specifically healing with sound dates back to Ancient Greece, where Pythagoras was said to have sound and music to calm and relax.  

Many communities around the world have historically embraced sound as part of their lifestyles for similar reasons – in some cases for thousands of years.  For instance, Buddhist monks in places such as Tibet and Nepal have historically used singing bowls and gongs to assist with meditation.  In a similar way, yogis such as Yogi Bhajan are proponents of working with gongs to heal and transform, in some cases as a major component of Kundalini yoga.  To provide contrast, many indigenous cultures such as the Australian aborigines with their distinctive didgeridoo, have long recognised the immense power of sound for healing.  Shamans in a broad variety of cultures worldwide work with drums as an avenue to healing and transformation.  

Sound has an ability to entrain or otherwise alter the frequencies of the mind and body.  In doing this, a variety of positive effects can be tapped into.  Read on to find out more!

Q: How could sound make a difference for me?  

Many do not find straight up meditation accessible, or something that is easy to achieve.  The benefits of meditative practices are far and wide – and beyond the scope of this post.  What I can assure you of though, is that spending time in a sound bath will be a far easier meditation experience, as the combination of powerful, soothing and introspective sounds bring you truly into the present – and guide you into a blissful relaxing state.  

When we are truly relaxed and in the present, we are unable to be running patterns of fear, worry, anxiety and stress.  All of these states do not have a positive effect on the body; quite the opposite in fact.  The good news is, they cannot co-exist with a state of calm – and total presence.  By embracing the sound as it works with you and your breath, to guide you into a very relaxed and serene state, you spend that time completely free of those less desirable states you could be drawn into – especially given the global crisis that the world finds itself in.  

One of the most prominent types of feedback I get from clients after I’ve done a sound bath is that they sleep incredibly!  This is again due to the way sound aids meditation and draws you seamlessly into the present moment, creating a pathway to wonderful restful sleep.  This is in part why we choose to do sound sessions on a Sunday evening, to help you rest and rejuvenate prior to the week ahead.  

Q: How do sound and energy go together?  

In various yoga disciplines, we often talk about generating positive energy and releasing trapped/negative energy.  These principles very much align with sound therapy – it is simply another complimentary way to work with our energetic system.  Sound is of course just a different form of energy that has the ability to dance with the energies that we understand from yoga.  

As humans, we are energetic beings.  Our minds, our emotions and our actions are all expressions of energy.  Over time, persistent thoughts and beliefs (our conditioning, our world view) become rooted in our unconscious emotional/energy bodies, like grooves carved into wood.  This plays out in our day to day lives, influences our experiences, behaviours, more thoughts and of course – emotional states.  This may or may not be positive.    

If this conditioning, these beliefs, are not beneficial to us – they may not support us in striving to live the lives that we desire.  They may hold us back, trap us in fear or worry, perhaps even preventing us truly loving ourselves and therefore, others.  The good news is, sound therapy can help here. This help takes place at a deep energetic level, which is helpful in not requiring us to revisit past memories or traumas to “do the work” and release.   

The powerful waves of sound that emanate from instruments such as singing bowls, chimes and gongs have the ability to harmonise any inharmonious energies that may exist in the body and body mind.  In doing this, the stuck energy that underpins the wounds, disempowering beliefs and negative emotions can be stirred and in time, released.  This is especially true when you combine sound work with other practices such as yoga as part of your lifestyle.  All are very much complementary in cleansing, balancing and releasing.    

We hope the above questions gave you some more insight into sound therapy!  Check out our previous blogs to see our top tips on how to prepare and make the most out of the session.

Looking for a good nights sleep? Try adding these before bed stretches into your night time ritual!

Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health issue. Our wellbeing and mental health is one of the most important things for us to look after, and often one of the last things on our to do lists. Although the stigma around mental health is getting better as more people share their stories and experiences to help others. It is still something most of us try to brush under the carpet.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, from the 18th-24th we are encouraged to focus on the theme

‘the power and potential of KINDNESS towards mental health.’

How can we act with kindness to support ourselves and others?

In support of Mental Health Awareness, this week at The Studio we will be offering all our Online Classes, ON US!

Take some time for you, and enjoy the benefits of Yoga and Meditation as part of your daily routine. Check out the timetable below to see the range of classes we are offering throughout the week, completely on us! All levels are welcome!

Seen a class you like? It’s super simple and easy to book! Just click the link below, pick which classes you want to book on for and you are ready to join us!


How Physical Activity benefits your Mental Health!

The Studio Yoga

Our Yoga classes consist of guided meditation and flowing sequences of movements. The nature of these classes help to promote;

– A calmer mind

– Ease stress and promotes relaxation

– Reduce feelings of anxiety

– Helps improve your sense of self

The Studio Fit Flow

The Studio Fit Flow class is a more dynamic class combining HIIT exercises and Yoga stretches to give the full body a workout. These classes are designed to;

– Increase heart rate and get the blood pumping

– Release endorphins and other ‘happy chemicals’ into your brain improving your mood!

– Build strength and fitness

Be kind to yourself this week, why not try this uplifting meditation to calm the mind

Meditation to Calm the Mind

How will you be showing yourself and others kindness this week? Let us know in the comments below!

What is a moment of beauty?

They are those small joys in life that have the power to stop you in your tracks, even if just for a moment. To make you smile, to appreciate, to breathe, to enjoy. This is a moment of beauty. From the simple to the serene, the majestic to the mundane, the comfort to the chaos. Beauty can be found in anything, if you know where to look.

This week we have been dreaming about our next holiday destination. Remembering the feeling of stepping off that plane in an unexplored location. There’s something about being somewhere new that makes us become more present, noticing the beauty of all the things around us with fresh perspective and appreciation. And we don’t always have to travel to the other side of the world to experience it!

Gemma our Studio Photographer shares her moments of beauty from one of her favourite travel trips, a road trip through the beautiful California, USA. Plus she shares with us her next top travel destination to visit post lockdown!

Gemma’s California Adventure

“So we flew to San Francisco with no plan, hired a car and stayed there the first night and explored the next day, we then drove to a gold rush town called Groveland, I fell in love with this place it was like walking into a cowboy film! Then we went to Yosemite national park which was a dream come true!

We sat by the river and had a picnic, that’s my favourite memory of my whole life. A true moment of beauty.”

“Packing up we drove back to the coast and visited Monterey, Carmel by the sea and drove on the iconic Big Sur. Our last stop was LA where I had my pretty woman moment on rodeo drive! Another highlight of the trip was Venice beach, this is the coolest place on earth!”

“Everyone thought I was crazy to travel to America with a 6 year old and no plan but i wouldn’t have done it any other way. I drove 800 miles in total and I enjoyed every second.”

Dream Destination; Post lockdown..

Gemma’s next top travel destination is the Philippines! But what about it has won her over?

“The Philippines is well known for its beautiful waterfalls, that’s what originally drew me in, and that slower paced lifestyle. I want to stay in an eco village where people grow their own food from scratch to cook for the guests. Most of the holidays I’ve been on in the past have been fast paced, cold weather experiences. So I am more than ready for some tropical sunshine!”

But in the meantime; Staycation!

Gemma will be heading to the Lake District as soon as she can. Staying in a cute cabin, climbing mountains and eating lovely food. Time to appreciate what’s right on our doorstep!

Stay tuned for our next blog where we will be sharing our top staycation locations and inspiration for how to bring the Summer fun straight to you!

What’s your dream destination and staycation hotspot? Let us know in the comments below!

You can follow Gemma’s photography journey here at


Looking for Yoga classes?

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Feeling inspired and want to get outdoors? Check out these local walks for rainy days

There’s power in sharing music! Need some inspiration and want to know what we’ve been listening to during lockdown? Each week we will be coming at you with a new Spotify playlist of our top tracks! Curated by a different member of our Studio team or community.

This week we are sharing our Fit Flow Playlist, from our live session with the F45 boys! The perfect motivational tracks to go with your workout session.

Click the image below to head straight to the Playlist!

Like this playlist? Let us know what your favourite work out song is in the comments below!

If you are interested in joining us for The Studio Fit Flow, our combo class of HIIT and Yoga, check out the schedule below and join us every Wednesday at 10am!

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Want to know more about FIITFlow?

Or for a workout you can do anytime, anywhere, check out this full body workout with Corrine!

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