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Are you interested in joining our 6 week Ashtanga course with Ryan? Starting Friday 20th September from 9:30-11am he will be breaking down the Ashtanga Primary Series sequence.

Okay so what is Ashtanga?

Ashtanga is a traditional series of postures performed in the same sequence everytime. It is a dynamic practice combined with focus on the breath. There are six different level sequences in Ashtanga each getting progressively harder. In traditional practice, students are expected to remember the movements, in preparation for a Mysore. A class which is unguided by the teacher and participants flow through the sequence on their own as a self led practice.

Padahastasana, one of the fundamental postures in Ashtanga

Usually an Ashtanga practice will begin with five repetitions of Surya Namaskara A and five repetitions of Surya Namaskara B, (Sun Salutations) followed by a standing sequence. Following this the practitioner progresses through one of six series and a standard closing sequence.

The six series are:

  1. The Primary series: Yoga Chikitsa, Yoga for Health or Yoga Therapy
  2. The Intermediate series: Nadi Shodhana, The Nerve Purifier (or The Second series)
  3. The Advanced series: Sthira Bhaga, Centering of Strength
  1. Advanced A, or Third series
  2. Advanced B, or Fourth series
  3. Advanced C, or Fifth series
  4. Advanced D, or Sixth series

So the 6 week course focuses on the Primary Series, whats that?

For our course Ryan will be focusing on the Primary Series Sequence. The Start of all the Ashtanga Series. Here is a rough breakdown of what you can expect on the course week by week.

Week One – Welcome talk about Ashtanga, Opening chant and handouts will be provided. A look at Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara A and B) and some of the fundamental postures.

Week Two – Fundamental Asana breakdown

Week Three – Primary Series Asana

Week Four – Primary Series Asana

Week Five – Primary Series complete sequence, guided class

Week Six – Mysore self practice class/or a second full sequence guided class

Each week will include a recap of the previous weeks postures and linking the movements together. A sheet of the posture sequence will be provided to help guide you, and refer to it whenever you need. All you need is your water and a towel and excitement to learn!

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana – Upward Facing Dog

Is this class for me?

If you are looking to increase your practice with a dynamic flow class, gain knowledge of Ashtanga terminology and asana, and perfect your postures, then this course is for you! Suitable for beginners upwards, it will help any yogi to become more confident in their postures and their practice.

To book in or for more information please contact:
to reserve your space, see you on the mat!

The Studio is coming to Manchester!

Catch us for an afternoon of Yoga and Brunch at the beautiful Health and Wellness space, Foodwell. Join The Studio Team for a one hour dynamic yoga flow to work up an appetite and then hang out and chat with us over Brunch!

When: Saturday 21st September
Time: 11:30am
12:30 (Yoga Class)
12:30 onwards – (Brunch)

To book on click here!

For a selection of food options available on the day, check out the menu below!

See you there!

Thursday 20th June

We are having a party to celebrate The Studio and say thank you to everyone for becoming a part of our community

Join us for: Drinks and nibbles to help us celebrate the launch of The Studio!



Mondays 1pm-2pm

3rd June – 8th July

6 week course: £80

Drop in: £15

Join April, for a slow flowing, conscious yoga practice to help you become more centered and connected to the life developing within you. Classes include breathing and relaxation techniques as well as postures that promote muscle toning and strengthening, balance and circulation. For the final section of the class we enter into a deep state of relaxation using HypnoBirthing techniques. Pregnancy yoga blended with Hypnobirthing techniques is such a powerful tool to get you feeling calm and confident about your upcoming birth. Ending with nourishing chocolate & essential oils to nourish you and baby.


Saturday April 27th

The Studio had such a great day at the James Milner Foundation event at the end of last month! We had an entire afternoon of back to back fitness classes, including Insanity, body attack, body combat, and a yoga class to top it off. Phew. Thank god this was combined by DELICIOUS healthy cocktail drinks provided by Dovetail drink (You need to check these guys out!). The perfect pick me up. Not to mention the amazing goody-bags from our partners: I SAW IT FIRST, Cowherd’s juicer, The Alchemist, James Milner Foundation and Rosso restaurant. We were very spoilt! Totally worth the work-out. 

This amazing day was all in aid of a brilliant cause – The James Milner Foundation. This incredible charity raises money to promote healthy recreation for the benefit of young people in the United Kingdom by the development, improvement and provision of opportunities in sports such as football, rugby, cricket…and of course, yoga!

Most importantly none of this would have been possible without the awesome contribution from all the fantastic, powerful and beautiful ladies involved. We want to say a massive thank you for all coming along and making the day possible!

As many of you know, our yoga studio is a space that holds a variety of hot yoga and fitness classes. But our vision is to utilize the studio for events exactly like this one! The studio is a space where we can open up the doors, turn the heat up and get the music blaring! The Studio are here to create an environment where our community can get together, learn something new, and most of all have fun! 

So keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram and Facebook page @thestudiocheshire to be the first to find out about our up and coming events. 

Love, The Studio

The Studio Cheshire Team


Saturday 22nd June

We invite your teenager to practice with us in the peaceful surroundings of The Studio, Cheshire.

Are you a Teenager? Parenting a Teenager? Experiencing a rollercoaster of emotion? Exam stress?  

Our ‘YOGATEENS’ Introduction to Yoga offers you the opportunity to explore a combination of Yoga, Meditation, relaxation and practical techniques to support your adolescent through this transitional time. The workshop will be taught by Helen, an experienced School AND Yoga teacher. She fully understands the challenges experienced by your Teen and is able to create a safe, welcoming and fun environment in which to practice.


Saturdays 11am-12pm

8th June – 13th July

6 week course: £120

Drop in: £25