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Relieve tired and aching muscles post workout!

Finished your workout? Making time to cool down after a training session is an important aid in improving your recovery. Relaxing the body and returning the heart rate back to normal, allows you to absorb the benefits of the workout you just had. After working on strengthening the muscles its important to then work on lengthening them with some post workout stretches. This reduces muscle tightness and soreness, and helps to prevent injury.

You’ll be ready for your next session in no time!

3 steps to recovery!


We all know how important it is to refuel the body after a workout! Stay hydrated and give yourself a protein boost with this Post Workout Smoothie recipe.

Top tip! Try and drink within the first 20 minutes of completing your session for maximum benefits.


Looking for a rest day release? Keep stiffness at bay and unwind further on your rest day with these simple stretches to release and relax.


Did you know the body does most of its healing whilst you sleep? After a good workout its crucial to get a good nights sleep to allow the body to repair and recover. Try this before bed to send you off into a blissful nights sleep.

Want to know more?

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Warm up the muscles ready for your workout!

Get ready to warm up and work out with these pre workout stretches in our latest video! Find that workout mindset and improve performance by focusing the mind through the breath. Stretch the muscles to warm up to prevent injury and increase mobility.

Perfect for before any physical activity!

Need a workout? Corrine’s got you covered with a full body workout and your rest day release routine!

What’s your pre workout prep? Let us know in the comments below!

Stretch and Release on your Rest Day!

We all know rest days benefit us almost as much as the actual workout. Giving our bodies time to heal, rest and prevent injury! Our latest tutorial with Corrine provides the perfect stretches to restore your body to its best on your rest day! Targeting areas of tension in muscle groups worked through exercise, you can relax and release allowing the body to recover in time for your next session.

Perfect if you do a lot of high intensity workouts or weight training!

Like this video and want to join us live for our Stretch Therapy Class with Corrine? You can learn more or book on now using the images below!

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You’ve got your session down. You know what you’re doing, and you know what your goal is. But how can the hours before and after your workout help you to maximise the results? Taking the time to prep your mind and your body gears you up for giving your best performance. And giving the body time to rest and restore afterwards is key to allowing you to get ready for your next session.



Mind over matter, always. Our brains will tell us to quit long before our body will. Having a positive mindset is key to your training success. Your mind can help keep you motivated and consistent if you use it in the right way. Think about succeeding and completing your workout before you do it. The mind cannot differentiate between what’s real and what’s not, so will send responses to the body as if the workout is done. Giving you an uplifting boost before you’ve even started!


Hydration is key before a workout. Helping to prevent fatigue, muscle cramps and dizziness, staying hydrated before, during and after will help to replace the increased water loss that happens through sweating. Just try to resist taking too many toilet breaks during your session as this can disrupt focus!

Fuel Up

Food is fuel for the body and muscles. Eating good food a couple of hours before a training session helps to give you that sustainable energy to carry you through your workout. Think Protein, Carbs, and Healthy Fats. Peanut Butter toast, Avocado and egg. Or fruits that involve complex carbohydrates such as Bananas, which give slow release energy, a good pre workout snack!

Plan/ playlist

Know what you are doing and hold yourself accountable to it! Writing your session down, whatever form of exercise you do. Setting a target of how many sets or reps, how far you will run, or how long you will workout for will help to keep you motivated when you begin to get tired. Working out with a friend or by using a tracking app to compare your workout, helps to give you support and a challenge if you are feeling competitive!

If you know you tend to hit a slump mid workout plan something to help keep you feeling motivated. Did you know..? Songs with a BPM (beats per minute) of 120-140 are best for when you’re moving! Know you’re going to be working out for an hour? Make your playlist and put your favourite feel good song half way through! Need some inspiration? Check out our Studio FIITFlow playlist by tapping the image below!

Motivational Beats to get you moving

Warm Up

Before any form of exercise you should always do some form of gentle movement which prepares the body for what its about to do. This also helps to prepare your mindset. For runners, focusing on stretching out the hip flexors, calves and hamstrings and warming up the ankle joints can help prevent injury and prepare the body for the high impact exercise. At the start of a Yoga class gentle mobilisation movements are done to warm up key joints to prepare for the harder postures to come.

Need some inspiration?

Full Body Workout with Corrine

If you need some inspiration for your workout, check out this Full Body Workout with Corrine. Target and work all major muscle groups, working to tone and strengthen. Screenshot the workout at the beginning to refer back to and do anytime anywhere! No equipment required!

Post Workout

Cool Down/Stretch

Just like warming up, we cool down the body to return it back to its normal resting state, allowing the heart rate, breath, and body temperature to return back to normal. Stretching after your workout helps to relieve any built up areas of tension within the muscles. It will also help to keep the body flexible and mobile. A stiff aching body is no ones friend!


There is some debate between whether it is better to have protein before a workout or after, so this one is up to personable preference. If you are having a protein shake after working out its advised to have it in the first 20 minutes after your session. Here’s our favourite post workout smoothie if you need some ideas!


The body loses water and salts through sweating. Post workout is an important time to rehydrate and replace what was lost! If you feel fatigued, dizzy or sick , grab a sports drinks containing electrolytes. Or try adding some Himalayan Pink Salt to your water, this will help to replenish the body and also reduce chance of cramp!


Track your training! Celebrate your successes along the way and see what you need to work on for next time. Tracking your training is a great way to manage your progress, set new targets and see what isn’t working. You can check out some of our favourite apps for tracking running and other exercise by tapping the image below!

What do you do to psych yourself up for a workout? Let us know in the comments below!

Need more help with your workout? Check out these classes we offer, from HIIT to Stretch we’ve got you covered.

Need a pick me up after your exercise session? Steph shows us how to make the perfect Post Workout Smoothie! It’s packed full of nutrients, and helps to boost protein and healthy fats to maximise your workout results! Super fast to make, and it tastes delicious.

Banana, Fig & Peanut Butter Post-Workout Smoothie (serves 1)


1 banana, frozen

1 fresh fig

1 handful of spinach

1 tbsp peanut butter

1/2-1 tbsp flaxseeds

3 Brazil nuts

Approx 1 cup of milk of choice

One Step Method!

1. Put all ingredients into a food processor and blend until smooth. Add more milk if needed.

What are the benefits?

Banana is packed with Potassium which plays a key role in maintaining muscle, making it a perfect pre or post workout snack! Superfood Spinach is packed full of vitamins, high in Iron and Betaine, which is said to improve exercise performance and muscular endurance! Figs are high in Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin A, important for keeping immune health levels up. (Looking for more ways to boost your immunity? Give this Health Shot recipe a try a try!) Flax seeds are a great way to get in your daily fibre intake good for healthy digestion. Peanut Butter and Brazil Nuts give us our Protein boost making this smoothie the ideal partner for your workout!


Love this smoothie? You can follow Steph on Instagram for more inspiring healthy food ideas at


Or visit her website at

Earn your smoothie! Need a workout and some gentle stretches for your rest day? Corrine’s got you covered!

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Want the results but short on time? Or want to mix up your training intensity? Get into our new favourite way of working out, HIIT style! We love the challenge of pushing ourselves to our limits whilst knowing that that rest time is not too far away..

What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is a form of interval training including cardiovascular exercises which alternate between short periods of intense aerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods.

What are the benefits of HIIT?

HIIT is a very beneficial way of training, producing results at a quicker rate compared to a longer duration of exercise. You can achieve the same results in shorter time but with higher intensity. Less time spent working out with the same results? Excellent.

HIIT is great for;

Working up a sweat and increasing heart rate

Quickly burning calories and body fat

Improving cardiovascular fitness

Increasing blood flow and efficiently oxygenating the body

Building strength and toning the muscles

Studio Favourites

Incorporating a few of these HIIT moves in your daily workout will help you to stay in shape and keep on top of your game. Check out our Top 5 HIIT favourites below.


You either love them or hate them! Start with a jump from standing. Lower the hands to the ground coming into a plank position, lower through a push up to bring the chest to the ground. Push back up and repeat. To make it harder try adding a tuck jump!

Jump Squats

Feel the burn through the glutes and quads! From a standing position bend the knees to jump and land, squat down to a ninety degree knee bend. Regress this exercise by taking out the jump. Progress this exercise by pulsing at the bottom of the squat.

Mountain Climbers

Climb that invisible mountain! From a plank position, hands grounded firmly on the floor, core and glutes engaged to create a straight line from head to heels. In turn bring each knee in towards the chest, you can speed up the pace to make it harder!

Plank to forearm plank

Work on the core and shoulder strength by alternating between these two movements. Starting from a high plank, hands grounded pushing the floor away, weight on to the toes. Knees lifted to make it harder or knees can be on the ground to make it easier. From a high plank, lowering to the right forearm and then the left, before pushing back up to each hand and repeating.

Lunge switches

Another one to get those glutes and legs in action. From standing bend the knees to jump and bringing one leg forward, bend through the knees and lower into a lunge position. See if with control you can tap the knee to the ground before using the leg strength to push back up and jump switch so the opposite leg is in front and repeat.

You can try this Yoga inspired full body workout with Corrine. Why not make this the foundation of your workout and add a few extra HIIT elements from above!

Want to give it a go? Check out The Studio Fit Flow for a mix of your HIIT workout followed by Yoga to stretch and lengthen out those muscles that have just worked hard. You can join us every Wednesday morning at 10am for that midweek motivation.

Looking for a workout playlist? We have Capital Radio DJ Sarah behind the beats!

Celebrating the launch of our new class The Studio FiitFlow, we wanted to give you all the details and tell you what’s got us excited about it!

What is The Studio FiitFlow?

This class is designed to get your workout and your yoga session boxed off in one! Its half dynamic HIIT movement to get the body moving, burn those calories and give your mood a boost. Followed by yoga to stretch and lengthen the muscles and calm the mind ready to focus in on the rest of your day.

What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is a form of interval training including cardiovascular exercises which alternate between short periods of intense aerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. Stretching after HIIT is vital to release lactic acid and tightness from the muscles, so combining it with Yoga is perfect! Focusing on targeting the muscle groups worked to rest and restore balance in the body.

Is this class for me?

This is a great class for those of you who don’t have a lot of free time to spend doing various classes. Juggling work and home schooling children? Get both your classes in one hour! It provides a great full body workout through cardio, strength exercises and stretching. Suitable for all levels.

Love the sound of The Studio FiitFlow? You can join our weekly session or find other Yoga Classes by tapping the image below!

To get you motivated why not check out some of our FIITFlow playlists! The perfect partner for your workout.

Let us know what you think and drop us a comment below!

Get Running!


Were you already a seasoned runner before lockdown? Or like many of us, have you started running just to get in that daily exercise? Want to earn that glass of wine at the end of a self isolated day? No judgement here, who cares about your motivation to get going, we all have to start somewhere!

We asked, you answered, turns out 44% of you have added a run into your daily routine! But do you need a little motivation or a helping hand to get you started? Or perhaps you need something to push your running to the next level. Check out these 5 apps we recommend to keep you and your running on track.

Nike Run Club

Your perfect running partner! (as described by Nike). This app is great for all levels. New to running? Pop your headphones in and do a guided run with professional coaches and athletes. Someone to check in on you, keep you motivated and tell you you’re doing okay! We like the sound of that. View details of your running time, pace, calories burned and even your heart rate. Also celebrate each achievement as you gain trophies and badges for each milestone you reach. You can also sync it with your Spotify playlist so you can run to your favourite hits.

Download the app HERE


Need a new route? Download the Strava app to access the worlds largest trail network. You’ll never be stuck for a place to run again! If your looking for an extra challenge, compete against others around the globe and complete monthly challenges. You can check on your performance compared against others to give you that extra bit of motivation to up your game next time. Plus, this app is not just for running. From swimming, to climbing, to cross fit and even yoga! You can track it all.

Download the app HERE

Couch to 5k

We asked you answered! 93% of you said you preferred just a casual run round the block to intense marathon training. So this one could be for you. An easy to follow programme, perfect if you are completely new to running! Follow along with a flexible programme that you can complete in 9 weeks (or longer options available). Want to know when it’s going to be over? This app has a handy timer to let you know how long left you have to run, and a half time bell to tell you when its time to start heading back. The app features 5 trainers to choose from as your coach including Olympians, comedians and TV presenters!

Sound good? Download the app HERE

StepsApp Pedometer

Less worried about running and more about just getting the steps in? We asked, you answered. 75% of you said you prefer to just keep it slow and steady, so why not have a look at StepsApp Pedometer. One of the top rated step counter apps out there. It provides an automatic step count displayed with charts and graphs so you can check in what you’re doing and when. It shows a quick overview of daily steps, distance, time, floors climbed and calories burned. You can even set a daily target to make sure you reach your set step goal!

Ready to get the steps in? Download the app HERE

Zombies, Run

Still struggle to find your motivation when you run? Well this should help. Run like your life depends on it, literally. This app is an immersive audio adventure where every run becomes a mission. You aren’t just running for the sake of it, you are running to save lives, get supplies and build a safe place. You get to be the hero every time you tie up your shoelaces. A bit of fun, this should get you moving.

Ready for the game? Download the app HERE

Got anymore recommendations? Let us know!

Not a runner but looking for a workout? Try this!

Keep it Moving!


Looking for a few other ways to keep the cardio up whilst at home? Looking for something a little more high impact than yoga? Then check out this list to see our favourite ways of keeping moving during lockdown.

Keep moving. Keep growing.

Grab a Partner!

Because things are better when we’re together. If you are self isolating with others at home, perhaps a partner or family member, you’re going to want to get them involved on this one. Give this partner home workout a try.

Partner Hip thrusts – Sit your partner across your hips, use the sofa to prop your upper back and shoulders, squeeze the glutes and lift! Pause at the top and squeeze to add extra tension.

Push Up High fives – Do sets of push ups at the same time, between each push up release opposite arms, tap hands and plant the hand back down. Push up again and tap opposite hands. Keep going until you cant go anymore!

Sit up and pass – Lie down face to face with toes touching, completing sit ups whilst passing an object between you. It can be anything from a tin of soup, a toilet roll, your dog, a ball. Use whatever you can get your hands on!

Piggyback squats – Proceed with caution, may cause extreme laughter and a fall to the ground. Having your partner on your back, keeping the back straight and core engaged, see how many squats you can complete.

Do what you can, take precautions but have fun! Laughter is a workout too right?

We do miss partner yoga in our beautiful studio though!

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching!

Who said workouts had to be boring. Find your favourite playlist of songs, turn it up and dance around your kitchen. Did you know..? Dance has been scientifically proven to improve heart health, reduce risk of depression, and improve coordination and balance! Plus, there’s no way you can do it wrong. Be free, get creative, and let go! Twenty minutes swinging around to your favourite songs, we dare you not to feel happier!

Have a look at these Spotify playlists for some songs bound to get you moving! (Just type them in the search)

– Dancehall Throwback
– Party Hits 2000-2020
– 80’s Hits
– Bottomless Brunch
– Lets Get Funky

What’s your go to dance track? Let us know in the comments!

Use What You Have

Are you missing your gym sessions and need some weight training and resistance in your life? Give this video a try from our neighbours at UP Fitness Cheshire and see how they’re keeping in shape whilst staying at home. Grab your water bottles and your resistance bands and join Personal Trainer Ash Tancock for a full body workout you can do in the comfort of your home or garden! Ash demonstrates each exercise, and check the caption for sets and reps.

Click HERE to go direct to the Instagram Video!

You can follow Up Fitness Cheshire at @up_north_pt for more live workouts, content and Q&A’s with the trainers.

Home Circuits

Why not have a go at setting up your own home circuit? One for all the family! Set up different stations around the house and garden each containing a different exercise. Set a timer, complete one set in each area and see how many rounds you can do! Here’s some ideas of fun fitness ideas the whole family can have a go at.

– Skipping Rope
– Push Ups
– Sit Ups
– Pistol Squats
– Burpees
– Lunges
– Squats/Jump Squats
– Single leg glute bridges

Need some inspiration? Have a look at the video below for a full body, low weight resistance circuit. Top tip! Play around with slow reps and add pauses to increase tension. Need more ideas? Check out Personal Trainer James Griffiths at @jamesgriffpt or you can check out James’s website HERE to find out more information about all things fitness, nutrition and transformation!

Give them a go! Let us know how you get on, and don’t forget to tag us in your home workout videos!

Need a full body workout? Try this!

Stay home. Stay well. Keep growing!


The muscles in our body are used all the time and are the reason why we can move. It is so important that we look after them; especially after physical training. Physical training alters the appearance of muscles as well as their performance. When muscles grow, the cells them-self change in size, no new cells are made. This is why we feel pain after exercising. If we don’t look after our muscles, stretching them after using them, it can result in overuse injuries such as stress fractures or joint/ tendon inflammation.

In the 2-3 hours after exercising our muscles are most fatigued – they need feeding!! Protein helps to recover and grow muscles.

If you can imagine the enzymes that help the process of recovery as a collection of little eager construction workers ready to build – if they turn up to work and lack their materials, their talent cannot be put to use, BUT, if you provide them with the correct raw materials, they can perform work to the highest standards.

As well as muscles being fatigued after exercise, your tissues and organs are too. When exercising, everything is put to its limits. Restorative breathing is therefore also something that helps recovery as it slows the heart back down and also normalises the lungs again.

How can stretching help muscle recovery?

There are many benefits that stretching gives to help the recovery of the body after exercising.

  1. Increased flexibility of different muscles groups

Stretching helps release constricted and contracted muscles back to their comfortable state. This also helps increasing flexibility itself and injury prevention.

For example, doing leg stretches after a long run increases muscular power and endurance.

  • Improved blood circulation

Stretching helps the body to cool down, therefore returning the heart rate back to resting. Once the blood circulation and heart rate are back to normal, this allows the muscles to relax so recovery can begin.

  • Eliminates lactic acid

Working your muscles produces lactic acid which makes the muscles fatigued and sore. Stretching eliminates the lactic acid build up so helps to relax the muscles in order to recover and repair.

  • Pain Prevention

If muscles remain tight after exercising, it can increase your risk of an injury. Stretching helps loosen the muscles which minimises the risk of injury.

To show an Upward Dog technique
Upward Dog by Ryan
  • Improved range of motion

Muscles that are not stretched usually remain constricted which prevents them being used to their full potential. Therefore, if we keep stretching them after exercising, the muscles performance when exercising will increase.

  • Increased muscular coordination

For strength trainers, it is even more important to stretch post exercising. When you stretch tired muscles, you give them better functional mobility and allow them to synchronise properly.

  • Posture

When your muscles are constricted and tight it often causes peoples posture to change, such as rounding the back. If we loosen up and stretch the muscles, you will see a better posture develop.

  • Improved nerve signals

Stretching allows a constant flow of nerve signals between the brain and muscles which will increase performance.

  • Mindfulness

During exercise your whole body is pushed to its limits. Breathing to create mind and body connections, help relax the body; when the body is relaxed the muscles are able to relax too.

Muscle Growth

Stretching promotes muscle growth; it elongates the fascia which helps the muscle to grow.