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Abs Blast!


Tone that tummy and build a strong core with these 5 exercises!

Ready to see results? Condition your core in 7 minutes with this Abs Blast tutorial with Corrine! Build strength and tone up by adding this to your daily routine. Why is a strong core important? Not just for having those visible abs to show off, but our core muscles help to maintain correct posture and support all our movements.

Take your fitness to the next level with these workout tutorials!

Rest Day Restore


Renew the mind and body with this tutorial for a rest day release! Relieve tension in aching muscles and limber up the body ready for your next workout. Corrine takes you through stretches to release the shoulders, back and legs. Make this part of your post workout ritual and see your performance and endurance improve. If you look after your body, your body looks after you!

What do you like to do on your rest day? Let us know in the comments below!

Keep your body working at its best during workouts by making sure you warm up and cool down efficiently. Not sure what you are doing or don’t think stretches are important? Check out our blog posts on pre and post workout stretches to learn why they’ll benefit you no matter what you training style.

Leg Day Strength


Improve leg strength, without any equipment!

Our leg muscles are our foundation for so much of our movement. The lower body muscles are some of the largest muscle groups in the body. Having strong legs and glutes helps to increase our overall body fitness and health. Stronger legs means higher endurance in lower body dominated sports. It helps to improve your ability to push, lift and be flexible!

Exercises that include leg workouts help to maintain bone density, and can also reduce your risk of leg injuries. Engaging and strengthening the hamstrings and quads can help to protect the knees from injury.  Including leg workouts in your daily routine can also help to improve core fitness with hamstring stretches, hip flexions and glute engagement.

Did you know? Having weak glutes can be a cause of lower back pain!

You won’t want to skip leg day again with this body weight workout with Corrine! This tutorial of lower body strengthening exercises requires NO equipment. Building leg strength through the use of body weight and challenging balances in just 10 minutes!

What’s your favourite workout? Let us know in the comments below!

Feeling tired? Revive tired muscles with these stretches to release and restore. And don’t forget to replenish protein stores with a post workout smoothie!

Do you struggle with tight hips and hamstrings? Then this ones for you! Corrine is back with a new tutorial for gentle stretches you can do to help mobilise the lower body and increase range of movement.

What’s your goal? Full splits? Relieve lower back pain? Better mobility for running? Our legs are our biggest support, they quite literally allow us to stand on our own two feet. Whatever your fitness goal, giving some extra loving care to your lower body will help you to keep it moving!

The hips are home to stored tension and emotion which can contribute to lower back pain and energy blockages and lactic acid can build up here causing stiffness and aches. Stretching these key muscle groups provides a release both physically and mentally.

What’s your fitness goal you are working towards? Let us know in the comments below!

Looking for more stretches to help you on your fitness journey? Try this tutorial perfect for between your workout days.

Full Body Blast!


Corrine is back with another full body workout!

Warm up and work out with this 20 minute full body blast! A quick session to help tone the body and build strength. Fire up the core, strengthen through the shoulders and legs, and play around with some challenging arm balances and handstand prep. This flow requires full body engagement, no equipment required. Who needs the gym!

Need some help before and after your workout? Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a workout newbie, we’ve got you covered with some inspiration on how to get the maximum benefits from your workouts. Remember what you do before and after the workout is just as important as the workout itself! So warm up, re fuel and stretch out!

Relieve tired and aching muscles post workout!

Finished your workout? Making time to cool down after a training session is an important aid in improving your recovery. Relaxing the body and returning the heart rate back to normal, allows you to absorb the benefits of the workout you just had. After working on strengthening the muscles its important to then work on lengthening them with some post workout stretches. This reduces muscle tightness and soreness, and helps to prevent injury.

You’ll be ready for your next session in no time!

3 steps to recovery!


We all know how important it is to refuel the body after a workout! Stay hydrated and give yourself a protein boost with this Post Workout Smoothie recipe.

Top tip! Try and drink within the first 20 minutes of completing your session for maximum benefits.


Looking for a rest day release? Keep stiffness at bay and unwind further on your rest day with these simple stretches to release and relax.


Did you know the body does most of its healing whilst you sleep? After a good workout its crucial to get a good nights sleep to allow the body to repair and recover. Try this before bed to send you off into a blissful nights sleep.

Want to know more?

For more tips and tricks on how to make the most of your workout, check out the blog for our top Pre and Post Workout Tips!

Warm up the muscles ready for your workout!

Get ready to warm up and work out with these pre workout stretches in our latest video! Find that workout mindset and improve performance by focusing the mind through the breath. Stretch the muscles to warm up to prevent injury and increase mobility.

Perfect for before any physical activity!

Need a workout? Corrine’s got you covered with a full body workout and your rest day release routine!

What’s your pre workout prep? Let us know in the comments below!

Stretch and Release on your Rest Day!

We all know rest days benefit us almost as much as the actual workout. Giving our bodies time to heal, rest and prevent injury! Our latest tutorial with Corrine provides the perfect stretches to restore your body to its best on your rest day! Targeting areas of tension in muscle groups worked through exercise, you can relax and release allowing the body to recover in time for your next session.

Perfect if you do a lot of high intensity workouts or weight training!

Like this video and want to join us live for our Stretch Therapy Class with Corrine? You can learn more or book on now using the images below!

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7 minute boosting flow to beat the after lunch energy slump!

Do you feel a drop in energy mid afternoon? Hit refresh with this short sequence you can do without leaving your chair! Stretches to revitalise and relieve tension, helping to loosen the body and refocus the mind to keep you going until home time.

What keeps you going after lunch? Let us know in the comments below!

Struggling to find your flow within your working week? Our series ‘The Studio Working Week’ is here to provide you with short flows to help you through a busy day. From a quick mid morning de-stress to getting over that after lunch energy slump, our flows are designed to help!

15 minutes to relax and restore before bed

Had a stressful day at work? Sometimes it can be hard to switch off and let go of everything that happened during the day. This 15 minute tutorial is the perfect way to wind down after work. A slow and calming sequence designed to release tension and stress. Clear your mind and feel relaxed ready for a great nights sleep.

What’s your favourite way to wind down ready to sleep? Let us know in the comments below!

Struggling to find your flow within your working week? Our series ‘The Studio Working Week’ is here to provide you with short flows to help you through a busy day. From a quick mid morning de-stress to getting over that after lunch energy slump, our flows are designed to help!

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