Our aim is to build a community of wonderful like minded people who want to connect with themselves and others.

All of our teachers have been carefully chosen and have their own unique backgrounds, experience and styles.

We encourage you to try classes with all of them and find teachers that bring out the best in you and your practice.

Expect a warm welcome, beautiful space and heart-opening yoga!


Yin yoga is a slower style of yoga, moving through postures slowly and holding them for longer durations of time.  Great for working on stretching and elongating muscles, opening the hips and releasing tension from the shoulders.  Most postures are floor based.  A relaxing class often ended with an essential oil massage around the forehead […]


HIIT yoga is a cardio based practice, incorporating yoga postures with bursts of high intensity cardio workouts such as jump squats, burpees and lunges. Dynamic and energetic, great for improving fitness levels and working on finding the calm amongst the chaos!


Power Yoga is a dynamic practice to increase heart rate and get blood flowing around the body.  Cardio based and fast paced, work through strength based postures, balances, focus on core work and strengthening moves like chaturanga and plank.  Always ending with gentler stretches to lower the heart rate.


Vinyasa yoga is a flow yoga that synchronizes movement with the breath.  There will be a focus on different breathworks in these classes as this is the most important part of a Vinyasa, alignment in postures and flowing through the movements as part of a sequence such as sun salutations.


Ashtanga is a dynamic flow practice of set movements in alignment with the breath.


Hot flow yoga is a heated yoga flow class. Movements from a Vinyasa class with lots of pauses throughout to correct postures and alignment.


Smooth Flow yoga is flowing through movements similar to how a Vinyasa class would be but at a slightly slower pace.


Hot Yoga is a broad term for yoga performed in a heated room.  The style will vary to each teachers unique style but will mostly be vinyasa based and a flow through practice covering all aspects of yoga asana’s from seated postures, strength postures, standing and balancing postures and ending with stretches and relaxation.


Yogalates is a mix between Yoga and Pilates, flowing through sequences whilst focusing on strengthening areas of the body through the use of pulsing movements, holding postures and core work.


Funky Beats is a yoga practice done to more upbeat music to uplift and motivate the mind throughout the practice.


Yoga from the start is our class aimed for complete beginners.  Working your way through the basic postures of a yoga practice while getting used to the names of postures and our lovely heated studio.  Corrections and adjustments will be made by the teacher to make sure your body is in correct alignment to feel […]