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Abs Blast!


Tone that tummy and build a strong core with these 5 exercises!

Ready to see results? Condition your core in 7 minutes with this Abs Blast tutorial with Corrine! Build strength and tone up by adding this to your daily routine. Why is a strong core important? Not just for having those visible abs to show off, but our core muscles help to maintain correct posture and support all our movements.

Take your fitness to the next level with these workout tutorials!

What’s new this week on The Studio Spotify?

This week Paige has shared her favourite playlist of songs to put on in the background when its time to just get things done! Whether you are working, cleaning or just chilling. These songs will help create the perfect bit of background ambience for productivity or relaxing.

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There’s power in sharing music! Need some inspiration and want to know what we’ve been listening to during lockdown? Each week we will be coming at you with a new Spotify playlist of our top tracks! Curated by a different member of our Studio team or community.

5 Superfood powders to boost your Smoothie

We love a smoothie here at The Studio! If you struggle to get your fruits and veggies in, making smoothies is one of the quickest easiest ways to give your body the boost of health it needs! Adding a couple of teaspoons of one of these superfood powders to your smoothies and smoothie bowls can help to pack it out with health benefits. These are some of our favourites!

Spirulina Powder

Spirulina is known as a nutrient-dense food as it is packed full of vitamins, including vitamins A, C, E and B vitamins (including B12, if you are vegan this is a great way to increase your intake!) as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium. Vitamin C and selenium are both antioxidants and help protect our cells and keep us healthy!

This algae that gives it’s signature green colour to your smoothie, is also an excellent vegan source of iron, providing 2mg per tablespoon. Spirulina is also high in protein, with just 1 tbsp providing almost 4g of protein per serving. So add this to your smoothie for a superfood protein boost!

Recipe idea.. Try mixing your choice of milk with frozen mango, a handful of spinach, half a banana and a spoonful of spirulina powder for a delicious green smoothie!

Matcha Powder

Matcha powder is high in anti-oxidants keeping our blood and cells happy and healthy. It is naturally caffeinated giving us a boost of energy! Providing a healthy alternative to your morning coffee. Can be blended into a smoothie or drank as a tea. Mix the powder with your favourite milk and heat in the microwave for a warming healthy drink.

Cacao Powder

For all you sweet tooth’s out there. We have good news, this chocolatey powder might just cure your craving without indulging in a sweet treat. Cacao Powder is one of the best sources of magnesium, which is essential for energy production, a healthy nervous system and helps maintain healthy bones.

Recipe Idea.. Try mixing 2 teaspoons of cacao powder with your favourite milk, add one banana, 3 dates and a spoonful of almond butter and blend together. Just as good as a chocolate milkshake but definitely healthier!

Hemp Powder

Hemp powder has an earthy, nutty taste and is often added to smoothies to boost protein intake. The powder is derived from Hemp seeds which are an incredibly rich source of minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and copper. Which help improve immune health, heart health and restore muscle tissue.

Hemp is a high-quality vegan protein, containing all nine essential amino acids, plus fibre, healthy fats and minerals, making this the perfect post workout powder to add to your smoothie!

Why not get inspired by this recipe and try adding it to Steph’s Post Workout Smoothie for an extra boost!

Wheatgrass Powder

Wheatgrass powder is one of the most popular superfood powders. Known for being high in healthy plant protein and rich in iron. Maintaining healthy iron levels helps to reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue. It is also a great source of Copper and Vitamin E which improves skin health, metabolic processes and skin repair.

What’s your favourite smoothie? Let us know in the comments below!

Looking for another refreshing drink idea? Check this out!

Leg Day Strength


Improve leg strength, without any equipment!

Our leg muscles are our foundation for so much of our movement. The lower body muscles are some of the largest muscle groups in the body. Having strong legs and glutes helps to increase our overall body fitness and health. Stronger legs means higher endurance in lower body dominated sports. It helps to improve your ability to push, lift and be flexible!

Exercises that include leg workouts help to maintain bone density, and can also reduce your risk of leg injuries. Engaging and strengthening the hamstrings and quads can help to protect the knees from injury.  Including leg workouts in your daily routine can also help to improve core fitness with hamstring stretches, hip flexions and glute engagement.

Did you know? Having weak glutes can be a cause of lower back pain!

You won’t want to skip leg day again with this body weight workout with Corrine! This tutorial of lower body strengthening exercises requires NO equipment. Building leg strength through the use of body weight and challenging balances in just 10 minutes!

What’s your favourite workout? Let us know in the comments below!

Feeling tired? Revive tired muscles with these stretches to release and restore. And don’t forget to replenish protein stores with a post workout smoothie!

Whats new on The Studio Spotify?

Want the motivational tracks from your FIITFlow class? This week Corrine shares one of her go to playlists from FIITFlow. Find motivational beats to power you through your HIIT session, followed by your wind down tracks to stretch and relax to.

Your weekend workout playlist is covered.

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There’s power in sharing music! Need some inspiration and want to know what we’ve been listening to during lockdown? Each week we will be coming at you with a new Spotify playlist of our top tracks! Curated by a different member of our Studio team or community.

Do you struggle with tight hips and hamstrings? Then this ones for you! Corrine is back with a new tutorial for gentle stretches you can do to help mobilise the lower body and increase range of movement.

What’s your goal? Full splits? Relieve lower back pain? Better mobility for running? Our legs are our biggest support, they quite literally allow us to stand on our own two feet. Whatever your fitness goal, giving some extra loving care to your lower body will help you to keep it moving!

The hips are home to stored tension and emotion which can contribute to lower back pain and energy blockages and lactic acid can build up here causing stiffness and aches. Stretching these key muscle groups provides a release both physically and mentally.

What’s your fitness goal you are working towards? Let us know in the comments below!

Looking for more stretches to help you on your fitness journey? Try this tutorial perfect for between your workout days.

How to make sure you always wake up on the right side of the bed!

Always wanted to be a morning person but just not quite figured it out? As the world returns to normal, we can resume our everyday lives. But lets not forget everything we learnt and enjoyed during lockdown. The slower pace of living, more time and enjoying the small things. But how can we make the most of our day once the back to work rush begins?

The most important step towards making a new change become a habit is committing to a routine. They say it takes 30 days to make a habit stick, so why not challenge yourself to a month of early starts! Commit to a morning routine that makes you excited to get out of bed! Here’s some of our ideas of ways to start your day the right way.

Attitude of Gratitude

Its so easy when we wake up startled by an alarm, to hit snooze and roll back over thinking ‘I don’t want to get up.’ Flip your perspective and wake up thinking ‘I GOT to wake up today’. Starting the day with gratitude sets you up with a positive mindset, no matter what the day throws at you. Instead of waking up, grabbing your phone and scrolling through Instagram, swap in 10 minutes of meditation or gratitude journaling. Start your day feeling positive and thankful for everything you already have! Convinced you haven’t got time? Practice on the go! See if you can be grateful even in the smallest parts of your morning routine, from waking up, to brushing your teeth to getting in your car and going to work. Show gratitude for what you have!

Make breakfast worth getting up for!

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day where we are quite literally ‘breaking our fast’ of not eating overnight. The food you choose to replenish your body with sets up your energy levels for the rest of the day. Choose a food you love that nourishes your body with the things it needs to keep you going. Try to incorporate elements of protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates for maintained energy release. Think avocado on toast, eggs benedict or overnight oats. We have a great recipe for Banana and Coconut Chia Pudding, which ticks all the boxes of a good breakfast! If you’re on the go or short on time in your morning routine, get prepared and make in advance. Oats or chia seeds can be kept in the fridge and portioned out, just add your fruit and toppings and you are ready to go!

Make time to move

Ever wondered why a cat always stretches after a nap? Because it knows the importance of moving it’s body again after being still! The muscles in the body are covered with a sheet of fibrous connective tissue called fascia. It wraps and connects the muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels of the body, making up the Myofascia System. So why do we feel stiff when we wake up? A lack of stretching or movement can cause the muscle fascia and tissue to stick together. This causes restricted muscle movement, stiffness, aches and pains. Moving your body with gentle stretches helps the body to relieve that tension and make you feel more active! Check out this quick morning flow with Nicole, perfect for getting you up and moving.

Get creative with your commute

Something we probably didn’t miss while we all worked from home, rush hour traffic! Long commutes back and too to work can be draining. But what if we used this time not to get frustrated or anxious about what we have to do that day, and use it to be productive! Why not swap out listening to a negative news report to tuning into a podcast as you drive? Listening to something that inspires you can help you to feel motivated and positive for the day ahead! Not into podcasts? Try listening to affirmations or a playlist of your favourite songs to give you that morning mood boost! (If you need some inspiration you can check out some of our teams playlists on The Studio Spotify!)

PSST.. Want to know another secret for getting up early? Getting a good nights sleep! Turn off and disconnect from phones and laptops two hours before bed. Try to have a regular bed time and stick to it! That weekend lie in? Might actually be making you feel more tired in the week. Regular wake up and wind down times helps the body to become used to a routine making it easier to sleep and wake up. Have trouble winding down before bed? Try this!

What’s your favourite thing to do in a morning? Let us know in the comments below!

Full Body Blast!


Corrine is back with another full body workout!

Warm up and work out with this 20 minute full body blast! A quick session to help tone the body and build strength. Fire up the core, strengthen through the shoulders and legs, and play around with some challenging arm balances and handstand prep. This flow requires full body engagement, no equipment required. Who needs the gym!

Need some help before and after your workout? Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a workout newbie, we’ve got you covered with some inspiration on how to get the maximum benefits from your workouts. Remember what you do before and after the workout is just as important as the workout itself! So warm up, re fuel and stretch out!

This week we celebrated our lovely Paige’s birthday! So sticking with the theme, Paige provided this weeks playlist of birthday beats to get you in the mood to celebrate! Not got a birthday coming up? Who cares! Reminisce on birthdays gone by with these hits that you definitely will of partied to in the past!

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Don’t see your birthday anthem on Paige’s playlist? Let us know what it is in the comments below!

There’s power in sharing music! Need some inspiration and want to know what we’ve been listening to during lockdown? Each week we will be coming at you with a new Spotify playlist of our top tracks! Curated by a different member of our Studio team or community.

La Discotheque Resident DJ Kieran Sharples brings this weeks beats!

Did you miss our FIITFlow class this week? We are sharing our playlist of upbeat, motivational tracks, perfect for your next workout! This week we had La Discotheque Resident DJ Kieran Sharples behind the music.

Get your workout gear on and turn up the volume!

Looking for a workout you can do? Try this Full Body Workout with FIITFlow’s very own Corrine!

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